Monday, October 22, 2012

Setting Up Shop

I've had my antiques and collectibles booth (aptly named Auntie Sisters) at the State Street Market Shops for a couple of years now and was looking for a way to rearrange and add a fresh look without having to completely re-stage my inventory. My theory was that if certain items are presented in a new light that they might catch the eye of a shopper who had originally passed them by with no interest. My space is only 9'x11' and you have to leave plenty of room for the shoppers to feel comfortable perusing your goods. I have a real eclectic mix of primitives, pottery, and vintage kitchen, paper ephemera and vintage textiles. Here's a little glimpse of "Auntie Sisters".

If you look closely you might even spy Elvis!

When a small 2.5'x10' space became available kiddie corner from me, I decided that this could be a solution  for change without a lot of fuss. Other than the fact that the previous dweller had painted the wall hot pink, it just needed a little freshening up. Next step: engage helpful husband and co-workers.
New space after covering the hot pink wall and before decorating
My industrious friend Catie and her husband were building a pergola in her booth space and somehow she had some extra energy and ambition and not only painted for me, but sewed a lovely curtain as well! I love her like crazy. Until I could gather all of my crazy ideas for the best use of my space, I chose to give it the look of an old laundry room.

Quick set-up and easy way to display vintage aprons and textiles.

At this point, I still had shelves to install, a window backdrop needed and some paint touch-ups to do, but it's customer friendly. Linda, from another shop in our store volunteered her painting abilities and my hubby supplied the muscle to bring it to order. It looks awesome with the Halloween spookiness on display right now and I can't wait to show you all of the crafty ghoulishness.
    Here is a sneek peek:

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Linda from Grand's Cottage said...

What fun! I can't wait to read more. You go girl!