Sunday, October 28, 2012

Setting The Stage

Setting up shop a.k.a. "Staging"

My larger booth for Auntie Sisters at State Street Market Shops was a labor of love, put together by myself, my step mom, my husband, my daughters, sisters, friends and mother. It kind of goes along with the name, doesn't it? As any shop owner will tell you, you can't turn away extra muscle or creative input when you are starting with a blank slate. Here are some photos of my empty space circa 2010:

Auntie Sisters empty stage
Every wall a blank canvas
 It only took two days to move everything in, arrange and check pricing. My oldest daughter is a magician at pulling together small vignettes and her final touches were just what the space needed. Since most of my wares are primitives and farmhouse chic, they blended right in with the electrical box that has to be accessible, and very little decorating or painting was needed. We built a short wall with vintage wooden crates and an old kitchen cupboard.

Customer ready!
Love that McCoy pottery!
There have been some minor changes over the past few years to accomodate new items. But most importantly, I feel comfortable showcasing my wares and I feel like my booth invites inquisitive shoppers to step inside.
Ever changing booth 2012
I am revving up all of my creative ideas for the upcoming holiday season and looking foorward to sharing the next "stage" with you all!

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