Friday, April 4, 2014


The renewal of nature, faith, and freedom!

Just three months ago, I took this picture of my thermometer reading 19 degrees below zero. It had been decades since it was that cold here in Illinois. 

We had record snowfalls.

So...we took a lot of naps while trapped indoors!

And I did what so many did, I prayed for Spring!!

I had daily conversations with not only Our Creator, but St. Joseph, Mother Mary, and even St. Christopher for good measure. And lo and behold, the snow started to melt.

Ah, faith restored. Do you think it was just coincidental that I saw the first bud of a daffodil on St. Patrick's day? Two days later, on St. Joseph's Day, I spied a purple crocus. This week I've spotted yellow crocus and some day lily shoots.
I have not abandoned my rosary beads, or forgotten to thank God every day that I am able to enjoy the fresh Spring air, I am just practicing my sacrament outdoors. 
Blessed freedom!

Happy Spring!