Thursday, February 21, 2013


One of the dilemmas that I face as a picker and a shop owner is knowing what is a real vintage item and what is a reproduction. We cannot all be experts in every arena and each of us has our niche when it comes to expertise and knowledge of vintage items and collectibles. A decision also has to be made as to whether or not an item is too small or too large for my booth space. The process can also include deciding if a repro would be desirable for a beginning collector because it will be less expensive or just kitchy and fun to display. 

What would be your guess about this ornamental picture frame- Real vintage or reproduction? If you can believe it, this adorable swivel frame is actually a plastic reproduction?!?!

Are you able to tell by looking at the miniature portrait below that it's an oil painting on porcelain from the mid 1800's?

Believe it or not, most of my clientele would probably prefer the reproduction vs. the real antique. Less impact on the wallet, thus more to spend on other goodies!

How about these little gems? They are no bigger than a dime. Are they so tiny that they would get lost in my booth?

This dress form displaying a 1940's bed-jacket is 50" tall. Is it too large?

This kitchen scale is shabby and rusty with a cracked tile. Yes or no?

Decisions, decisions.  Check out my next blog post to see what items made the cut and are on display at Auntie Sisters or the Curiosity Shoppe in the State Street Market Shops of Elgin, Illinois. Or stop in and visit, snoop around, and just enjoy shopping the more than 30 shops, all under one roof. We love browsers!