Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Summer Sabbatical...

...Is Good For The Soul.

I've certainly missed sharing my creative endeavors and storytelling with everyone.  I originally planned on taking a break from blogging for just a few weeks and then two weeks turned into three, and then a month...and here we are.

I am happily tanned and relaxed after a joyous time of swimming at my favorite lake for two weeks and enjoying my kids, the grandkids, and a sprinkling of brothers, sisters, and friends.

Pleasant Lake is a spring fed beauty located in Westfield, Wisconsin just about in the middle of the state, north of the capital city of Madison. We stay at Happy Days Resort and have been doing so for decades. I met the charming resort owners back in the '80's and we have been loyal guests and friends ever since. 

Fun catching frogs...


Beautiful sunsets

Farm auctions.

Frisbees and floaties!


Who could ask for anything more wonderful??? For many of us, vacations are over, school days are returning and summer nights are getting cooler. As for me- I'm just going to have a little more "R&R"(Retirement and relaxation) for as long as the summer allows!


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