Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Bunnies and...

some photo funnies!!

My kadiddlehopper , Nellie, panicked but posing with EB

The State Street Market Shops, where I have my booths, "Auntie Sisters" and "The Curiosity Shoppe", does a gratuitous photo shoot with the Easter Bunny every year for their customers. Dogs, kids, grandmas, everyone is invited. A lot of work goes into the posing and persuasion for kids that are not too keen on the giant rabbit. My friend Linda, another shop owner, took hundreds of photos and tirelessly cajoled and bribed the happy and unhappy campers so that there would be a photo rememberance for years to come. The young man who portrayed the Easter Bunny never stepped out of character, and was kind and gentle with everyone. I loved watching the parade of Easter outfits, the special notes slipped to the Easter Bunny and the grins, giggles and tears.

Besides being so rewarding, it is a great marketing tool, and helps creates a loyal customer base year after year. The investment in dollars is minimal, the time spent for someone to shoot, sort, edit the photos and to create the advertising buzz around the event is many hours. But the results...


On Sunday, no matter if you celebrate Easter, Passover or Spring Break, I hope that your day is filled with love and laughter!


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