Saturday, November 3, 2012

Aunt Martha's


I found these transfer pattern packets at a local estate sale and was immediately drawn to their unique graphics and quirky marketing taglines.Aunt Martha's transfers have been around since 1925 according to their parent company  "Colonial Patterns", and are still sold today and used around the world by quilters and crafters alike.

Aren't they precious? I am not a seamstress so I have to wonder why these patterns stamp 'slowly and easily'. It was obviously very important to the consumer! My best guess is that these particular patterns are from the 1950's.  Never the less, they are in great condition and look as if they were never used. I do believe there is a happy home out there waiting for them in all of their cuteness. They'll be at Auntie Sisters in State Street Market in time for our Holiday Open House on November 10th and 11th. We are going to have a 'dancing good time', and hope to see you there.
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butterfly said...

What fantastic vintage images - so do you iron them onto fabric, or what? Fascinated by the notion that you stamp them... but I'm no seamstress either, so no idea how! Hope you have a great open house at Auntie Sisters (looks like a fantastic new venture from the post below).

Thanks for your visit and kind words over at Words and Pictures...
Alison x